Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Funny Story

A while ago when I was looking on Amazon for good books for the kids, I ran across this one. I thought it was pretty funny because we have a cat that we call "Fatty." I know it is mean, and he has been known to get a little sensitive about it, but if you saw him belly up to the cat dish, oh...800 times a day, you would get it. I figured one of these days I would get around to posting it.


The other night, he solidified his reign as the "fatty King" forever. We were all sitting around, late at night, enjoying the blissful silence of the 6 children in sleep coma. (This truly was a blissful time in all of our days, we almost didn't want to go to sleep...because we were fairly sure, that if we did, morning would come and ... yup, then they woke up.)

All of the sudden the basement door started rattling and banging back and forth. I calmly stated “Oh that is just fatty stuck in the cat door.” This is a fairly common occurrence. He gets a little hung up and just rocks back and forth and then comes through…

But then…

Crash, bang, tumble, stumble.

My husband, who was the only one who seemed to be able to get to the door fast enough, opened the door and started laughing as Sugar Ray, “Fatty,” came running frantically into the room. This is when we noticed that he had gotten so stuck that he pulled part of the cat door off, and it was stuck around his middle.

I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t even get up to get my camera before he ran up the stairs…banging as he went, when the plastic door, securely around his middle hit each stair, scaring him further into running faster…making more banging noises, making him run faster…you get the picture.

It did finally slip off…I am not sure whether all his fur flying off in fear made it slip off or what…

Now before you get all “you are horrible, why didn’t you help him” on me. Let me tell you, I was laughing too hard to move. Honestly…laughing and moving are just not in the cards after three kids, unless I intend on extensive clean up afterward!

Sugar Ray is OK, a bit of a bruised ego I would imagine, but no worse for wear…but damn if he hasn’t avoided that cat door….

Before you tell me he isn't that fat, these are after he has "lost" his winter weight, and he weighs about 17 pounds...He Ain't Little.....But he is kinda we will keep him, if nothing else for entertainment purposes! LOL (Don't get all PETA on me now!)

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Country Girl said...

That is a funny story. We had a fatty cat too but he has since left us. Thanks for sharing, I'm still giggling! ~Kim