Monday, July 21, 2008

My Little Song Writer

My middle child, the one who just turned 7 and got the Chemistry set and now is holding me hostage with Hydrochloric Acid? Yeah her, she decided to write a song last night. She wrote it on white paper with a bright green marker, and came down to serenade me with it. I was sort of blown away, probably the way that all parents are at their offspring from time to time, you know when they do something that sort of surprises you, like…behave, or act in a really responsible way, or say something profound that you need to be learning your-mid-life-crisis-self.

So I thought this Monday morning I would serenade you all with this song. Partially because I am a sappy parent, but partially because she is so dead on…and it reminded me of Philosophical Sunday…maybe that should be the title. I am going to type it exactly as it is written, now mind you, she is still learning how to spell…Don’t Judge…she is MY kid, and I will be lucky if she can spell her name right consistently with the genes that I gave her.

Be Your Self- By Caroline

Beeeee who you wantna be. Be your self. Ohhhhh Yayaya. Be your self. Don’t be afrad to show the rele yououou. If you mess up in life go back and fix it, don’t just sit around yayaya. Your first life is your only life, so do the best you caaan. Be the best you can, that’s write ohhhhh yaaaaaaa.

Hmmmmm them some words to think about as we start our weeks eh???


Adam said...

not another musician in the family, we're gonna lose the franchise here. ;)
-your good for very little cousin

Country Girl said...

Cute song, love the spelling.
Gotta love the things kids do! ~Kim